Website Development Myths You Should Be Aware Of !!

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Setting up your own website is not easy!

Whether you have built your own web application or you have a dedicated IT support team to work for you, you have probably faced a fair share of challenges while creating your first website.  With growing digitization and ever-increasing user demands, these challenges have only gone up.

Together with these challenges, what makes the job even more difficult is if you are laboring under a wrong set of assumptions and notions. In short, you should be aware of common Website Development myths to make your project a success. In this myth-busting blog, we are going to shoot down some misconceptions so that your job becomes easier, and of course, accurate, faster and less challenging.

So, let the truth be told.

Big Team, Great Results.

It’s a common myth to maintain big team to achieve good technical result , but the fact is large team does not always deliver the result rather a small high-performing team with a balance of skills and shared mindset bring magic in work. The blending of knowledge and correct leadership always helps organization to take correct decision and steady growth with proper work down structure and result oriented architecture.

 Attractive design proportional Increase traffic promotional business Growth.

Designers often feel that their primary goal is to create a good-looking and attractive website to boost traffic. However, this is half of the story. There are multiple factors that need to be focused upon apart from creating an eye-catching design. Some of these factors include:

# Choose appropriate domain name align with your business.
# Meaningful content writing.
# Quality of the hosting service provider.
# Overall user-friendliness.
# Website responsiveness and easy to access structure.

Each one of these elements is important for creating a robust website that generates traffic and leads. Do not run on attractive design rather focus on entire setup to get a mature product.

 More features bring more success.

There are many who feel that adding an increased number of flashy features can boost conversions. However, this is a complete myth. Adding unwanted features may lessen the clarity, overwhelm and confuse your users and simply cause them to leave your site. So always, align your content with your offerings and maintain a trust among your end users.

 Responsive website design is optional.

With the growing prominence of handheld devices, it is important that you create a web design that’s mobile- optimized with clear call-to-action buttons, usable forms, and an intuitive interface. A responsive website gives your audience the advantage to use your application with minimum adjustments.

A non-responsive website, On the other hand, will lead your mobile users to multiple problems and they may feel frustrated to zoom in to read texts clearly and zoom out to view the entire web page. This might increase the bounce rate and decrease the rank.

 Website Go Live, Mission accomplished.

Put the website live to your entire audience is huge relief and matter of satisfaction. but, you need to realize that the job isn’t done yet.
# You must ensure daily update of your business must be added in your web application time to time so that your
audiences aware of what is happening in your Organization.
# All the software /tools used to build your application must be updated based on the technology evolve.
# It would be even better if you redesign the site with new layouts and concepts every 4 to 5 years. An updated site can keep your audiences glued and engaged.

Let’s conclude:

Continuous exposure to technology has given rise to a default set of notions around Website Development and how it should work. However, do not fall for the pointless assumptions or preconceived notions that might otherwise hamper your web development process.

Here’s hoping that you will debunk these above myths and take better website development decisions to stay a cut above your competitors.

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