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Master Data Management Services

Master data management is a comprehensive method to define and manage an organization’s critical data. It provides a single, trusted view of data across the enterprise, agile self-service access, analytical graph-based exploration, governance and a user-friendly dashboard (Source
Master data management solutions from Radtec establish a single, trusted, 360-degree view of data and enable users to deliver better business insights through self-service analytics. To ensure the integrity of your data, depend on the years of experience that Radtec Consulting brings to the table.

How Master Data management Works


Data is seen as a competitive advantage. Poor master data can cost companies a fortune. Users are frustrated, Systems get blocked. Reports are incorrect. Clean data always help organization to better support their decision making. Hence to monitor and integrate your data across the enterprise, Improve the accuracy and reliability of master data analysis, gain a deeper understanding of your master data quality, you need a mature MDM solution which can handle these requirements.

What is MDM

It is the process practiced by an organization to create single version of truth for all critical business data, leading to reduced errors and less redundancy in their processes. MDM initiates processes to identify, collect, transform, and repair data. Once the data meets the quality thresholds, schemas and taxonomies are created to help maintain a high-quality master reference. That gives Organization peace of mind that data throughout the enterprise is mostly accurate, up-to-date, and consistent.

MDM Implementation

It require IT and business work hand-in-hand. Initially different data management tools like ETL , Data modeling ,Data Quality are orchestrated to build a single MDM system. Working closely with IT, business needs to be brought into a well-phased, MDM-implementation methodology which define your business need and process implementation.

Benefits of MDM

MDM eliminates costly redundancies that occur when organizations rely upon multiple, conflicting sources of information. Get a single trusted view of your data. It gradually help you automated approval workflows for master data creation or change requests. It gradually improve the data quality which reduce overall cost and clear vision to your Organization.

Our Services

Set the MDM Vision

Prioritize on business-oriented use cases and align the MDM vision with your enterprise’s business objectives.

program sponsorship & Business Buy-in

Guide you set revenue/cost management goals for the program. Focus on business-oriented scenarios.

Build Enterprise Business Case

Demonstrate where revenue enhancements will come from and how costs can be reduced when establishing the business case for MDM. Look for business opportunities across the value chain.

Technology Architecture Alignment

Help you to choose the best technology available to meet your MDM solution based on your system complexity, health of your data, your business scale and other such parameters

Prepare MDM pipeline for Your Enterprise.

The success of MDM in the enterprise will largely depend on the success of the first project. We will stay focus and careful to launch your first MDM program and socialize MDM within your enterprise so that you can assess the future projects that can benefit from this program.

MDM – As shared service model

Create a long term MDM road map to your enterprise which eventually reduce your support/maintenance cost in all MDM projects

What Makes Us Stand-Out From Others ?

Advanced Technology

Our team is passionate for latest technologies and innovation. We create new methods and implement them in our process.

Flexible Work

We are customer-oriented business. We are highly flexible in our client’s engagement model, delivery and pricing of our services.

Full Digitized Approach

We provide everything digital under one single roof. With new strategies every day and creativity, we provide best solutions.

Startup To Enterprise

We have excellent track records in managing accounts of startups, small level, and mid-level to large enterprises.

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