Data Integration Services

Data Integration Services

Radtec has successfully solved complex data integration problems for customers across the globe. We have an expert team of Professionals for data integration services dedicated to each of the major data integration implementation stacks like SAP BODS, SAP BW, MS SSIS, Informatica PowerCenter, Informatica Data Quality, Infosphere Datastage & Qualitystage, Power BI Data Integration consulting services and similar market leading tools. We also have exceptional competencies in Master Data Management, Data Governance and Data Quality which support and augment the objective of Data Integration Consulting Services. Equipped with all these competencies and rich experience, Radtec adopts an end-to-end solution approach consisting of data integration consulting services followed by seamless execution.

How Data Integration Services Works

Why DI

Most Organizations have a collection of data sources ,often including external ones. In many cases, business applications and operational workers need to access data from different sources to complete transactions and other tasks. Organization often require a service to integrate the data to another configured system from where consolidated reports can be generated ,data can be used for statistical analysis that benefited the organization to take further decision for their future business.

What is DI

Data integration is the process of combining data from multiple source systems to create unified sets of information for both operational and analytical uses. its primary objective is to produce consolidated data sets that are clean and consistent and meet the information needs of different end users in an organization. A good Integration tool offers a powerful set of transformation processes for meeting an array of business imperatives in both Batch and real time mode.

DI Implementation

Mostly Data integration connects source and target systems and routes data from the former to the latter in batch or real time mode. From a technical standpoint, data integration architects and developers create software programs that automate and manage the process of integrating data sets. Although Data integration is platform independent, several DI tools are available for performance effectiveness & business continuation.

Benefits of DI

It makes reporting, monitoring, placing customer information across the enterprise flexible and convenient.Keeping all data in one place allows the user to get a 360-degree view of the constituent. Eventually they get the access to many data points that allows for effective and efficient segmentation of the data into actionable solicitation groups.

Our Services

Technical Consulting

Architecture Establishment, System Sizing ,Tool selection

Data Integration

Integrating data across sources, factoring complex business rules

Data Profiling & Quality

Source data profiling, quality check: Rule based checking, referential integrity & LOV checks etc.


Data cleansed, standardized and Migrate across platforms to meet your Business Consideration

Performance Tuning

Architecture Establishment, System Sizing ,Tool selection

Technical Expertise/Tech Support

Health Check of your Existing ETL & prescribe the best solution approach

What Makes Us Stand-Out From Others ?

Advanced Technology

Our team is passionate for latest technologies and innovation. We create new methods and implement them in our process.

Flexible Work

We are customer-oriented business. We are highly flexible in our client’s engagement model, delivery and pricing of our services.

Full Digitized Approach

We provide everything digital under one single roof. With new strategies every day and creativity, we provide best solutions.

Startup To Enterprise

We have excellent track records in managing accounts of startups, small level, and mid-level to large enterprises.

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