Data Governance Management

Data Governance Management

Data Governance provides the oversight and management of how data is captured, stored, aligned and used. It allows a company to understand and properly manage its enterprise data. Radtec’s wide range of services helps enterprises to implement effective data governance across the organization and enable informed decision making. With the skills and expertise our data team possesses, we will turn out be a great partner in your data governance journey.

How Data Governance Management Works

Why DG

Digital transformation is on the agenda everywhere. You can only exploit your data assets and do a successful digital transformation if you are able to govern your data and to do that you need to establish an principles and practices that ensure high quality through the complete lifecycle of your data.

What DG

Data governance is the overall management of data availability, relevancy, usability, integrity and security in an enterprise. It captures organization's business objectives, analyze current compliance levels, and minimize the risk of poor data quality while following data protection procedures in order to help you achieve your data governance goals.

DG Implementation

A data governance framework is a set of data rules, organizational role delegations and processes aimed at bringing everyone of the organization on the same page. A successful DG implementation strategy includes establishing objectives, assess data to define its standard, develop strategy ,KPI and other metrics and finally roll out the plan.

Benefits of DG

Making data consistent by improving data quality, which enables better corporate decision-making.

Reduced data management and storage costs.

Fewer security violations, due to enhanced training on proper handling of data assets.

Improving financial performance which maximizing profits of the company

How Radtec Works

Analyse DQ

Execute and represent data quality analysis in an easy to follow format for business leaders

Risk v/s Opportunity Management

Represent risk and opportunity assessments offering clear and meaningful recommendations

Build DG Road-map

Provide an evidence led business case for investing in data governance

GDPR Compliance

Assess an organisation’s maturity with regards to GDPR compliance

Develop & Implement Policy

Implement the necessary controls required to measure, manage and evidence data protection compliance on an ongoing basis

Continuously assess progress.

Capture business data requirements and rules targeting tangible business value

What Makes Us Stand-Out From Others ?

Advanced Technology

Our team is passionate for latest technologies and innovation. We create new methods and implement them in our process.

Flexible Work

We are customer-oriented business. We are highly flexible in our client’s engagement model, delivery and pricing of our services.

Full Digitized Approach

We provide everything digital under one single roof. With new strategies every day and creativity, we provide best solutions.

Startup To Enterprise

We have excellent track records in managing accounts of startups, small level, and mid-level to large enterprises.

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