How Much Does a Custom & responsive Website Development Cost !!

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The price of each Website Development is individual. It depends on many factors. To give you a better understanding of what to expect we will try to help you create a website cost blueprint for yourself.

In this piece, we will:

# Determine how much a website Development would cost and give you rough outlines for common options.

# Discuss the costs of the different Website Development components in detail. That way, you can choose options according to your own requirements and budget.

What Does the Cost of a Website Development Consist of?

As a first step, let us look at everything that costs money when developing your own Website and how that translates into final costs in different scenarios.

Website Development Cost Factors

While the price of a website Development is highly individual, some components are universal in every website creation process, which influence the overall pricing.


Type of Website:

Websites Development are not made equally. The price depends highly on the type of site you are building. A simple blog is easier to set up than an online shop or a small business website.


Domain & Hosting:

Every web presence needs a home and an address you can reach. In terms of websites, that is a server and a web domain. There are multiple domain and hosting provider near you with their attractive offers. We need to avail their service based on our requirement and their offerings.


Basic Technology:

All websites are powered by some kind of software in the background. It can be simple HTML or Customer Management System like WordPress or may be Java or Depending on your requirement complexity, best software needs to be selected and costs will incur accordingly.

Refer list of  Latest technologies we work on .



The basic technology is not everything. Depending on what functionality you need, you might need additional plugins, apps, or third-party services, many of which will cost additional money.



Website Development is not just about acquiring the parts; they also need to be assembled. You can do that yourself or hire someone else to do it. If you do the latter, you will have to pay for that.

You will get a brief idea about the Website Development life cycle in our Website Design & Development Service page.



It is not just enough to build a website; you also need to keep it running. Ongoing maintenance (including marketing) is also a part of your website cost blueprint.


Let’s wrap up:

As you can imagine, for many of the factors above, you can either invest money to have someone do those for you or the time to learn to take care of those yourself. Depending on your capabilities, this will also change the final cost of a website. We have not specifically mention any number as you can understand the entire process depend on multiple parameters and after thorough analysis only one can come up with proper estimation.